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A Big Push

This Project has been long past due, it needs to be done, and I'm doing it.
Left to Question now has 12 written songs in some form. It's time to actually put them in a material form of some sort. then use it to find other musicians to perform with (drummer and now bassist). and of course practice material for the other two members. I'm now halfway through week one and it's going rather well.

actually I feel quite awesome.

This push is basically draftin and recording in a solid way each song, one song per week, using each day to focus on the details of an instrument or aspect of the song. Monday, I write a rough draft of the song in chord notation (no solid lyrics yet though) and I practice the various parts I have written for it without focusing too much on sequencing, if something is unclear to me at the moment, save that for one of the other days. Tuesday I write record the rhythm pattern on my guitar to a metronome, if I have no developed ideas for it, that's fine, it's just the rhythm part. Wednesday, I sequence out the drum part of the song. Luckily I got wednesday off this week, I had all day to work on it. Thursday, bass part, and finishing development on the rhythm guitar. friday (if I have any idea in particular for it) lead guitar. I would normally leave this to my lead guitarist but I might have specific ideas in mind. Saturday, I gather materials and do the paperwork and mixing for the now complete song. I will then mail out the new finalized version off to the other two so they can develop with it.

I hope I can keep up the who 12 weeks

Two years ago, Dave and I attempted to write our first song, and failed miserably. I knew nothing and he didn't know how to use what he knew. Four months past and the song died in us, and it's corpse has been lying in my soul ever since. In the meantime I did what any responsible prospective musician would do, learn. And we did, we wrote another 11 songs since, and most of all, Practiced.

I just finished the drum part for out first song. I've learned a lot, I still put too much pressure on myself, but it's really goddamn rewarding to pick up and instrument think about a song and make it a hundred times better than you thought you could when you wrote it. and then to concentrate really hard and make other things happen that you didn't even know that you could.

Basically, I think I've finally been able to capture what we were originally aiming for.
Dave's going to shit himself when he hears this.