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Writer's Block: Really, Truly

Do you believe in true love? What about love at first sight?
True Love Totally exists.  Courtney and I victims of it.  True Love is only as true as two people are willing to make it.  Asking if True Love exists really is more like asking "Is there such a thing as a good cake?" obvious answer being yes if you know how to make it.  In Disney Fairy tale land, the love one another overcomes all, I have to say this much is true under one condition, that both (or all) parties work to keep it true.  One might say that "If you have to work at it, doesn't that mean it's untrue since True Love ought to work unconditionally?"  my answer would be that yeah, true can be unconditional, but there is a lot to be considered with that.
  1. Unconditional love is very hard to maintain. People change over time, and every person develops different likes and dislikes as months/years/decades go by.  For love to be true, you have to keep it true by listening to your partner and refuse to be deluded and expect the same out of them
  2. Listening and learning is the most import thing.  As I've just mentioned, one must listen to the other so that he/she continually learns from his/her partner to adapt to changes.  You can't live in a fantasy land in which things are going to be the same forever.  It's utterly dilusional to believe so, and ignorant to realize that the only thing that stays the same in this world is that nothing stays the same.
  3. Love (no matter what form) is as true as two (or more) people can make it.  If you Chose to live a lie and believe that whoever the one your with is your "true love" then you are lying to yourself.  Stay Honest with yourself, stay honest with your partner(s) and that love couldn't be any more real.


we were both immature in this aspect, but we both had the maturity to keep up with one another, an immature thing turned into something irrelevant. and now courtney and I are 6 years strong